french candies online

french-speaking viewers and you know that got me curious about French culture
so today i have a fuck ton of french kande and i’m going to eat it all
I’m actually super hyped to try these candies but maybe that’s just because
I’m a badass
people always say money can’t buy happiness but money can buy food which
is pretty much the same thing so much but enough talking
all right let’s try some French can be so first up we got the car boat i get
oh shit smells good
mmm yeah
yo this is good
mmm fuck with this I’m gonna give these eight out of 10
next up we got the horrible dragon bus apparently were dragging a bus
these look like little jelly beans some of these chains really good and some of
them taste like really weird i don’t know i’m going to give these a 7.2 have
now i’m trying the current bar caramel little Richie now i’m probably
butchering all of these names
I am a big fan of caramel so I’m excited
oh this is so hard
not as hard as my did you know i mean it just tastes like a dark chocolate
version of caramel it’s not my favorite
I’m gonna give it 5 out of 10 so now i am trying the lab AF shed or socks
friendliest side
I know I nailed it it’s whatever this looks like that wooden flute thing that
you play up
yeah x.x good i can imagine myself on a date in how we know in some biscuits
drinking some coffee
i’m going to give these 7.8 out of time so now we have the curly peanut classic
and you know I love me some nuts in my mouth
they look like Cheetos but their peanuts
I don’t think I like these which sucks because i accidentally box
a whole pack of them so i’ll give these a 3.5 attack
next up we have the kinder bueno which for those spanish-speaking viewers is
hopefully muy bueno you know what I mean
pick that
oh all right your market
you need to try to shit right now try this
oh oh this is easily the best thing I’ve had a kinder more like tinder and I
swiped right you know and be kind of looks like a cigar
what the fuck i’m going to give this night out of time
next we have the army Quinn original looks good i like these
they’re not that special but they taste good
I’d say seven attend next up we have our bow car in sac
I can already tell that i’m going to really like this because the front
packaging has a little boy throwing pills in the air which reminds me a lot
of my childhood
look okay not gonna lie i don’t like these at all
I’ll give this to an attack next up we have the loo lab our cat
this is a phrase flavored which is struck strawberry and English
I’m not gonna lie these kind of look like vaginas
good luck this case
pretty good or as they say in France sit bone you know what I mean
yeah i’ll give this 6.9 and attack
and lastly we have the sheet which looks kind of like cough drops will not bite
yeah this is like a nice minty taste
I would definitely have this after a meal I’ll give this is 7.3 can take a
second to talk about how in France the word candy is born born
that’s fucking dope over here in America were like let’s go get some candy
ok bone bone sounds wait fucking cooler
I’m a bone below all the time thank you so much for watching and I’ll see boo
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I’ll see you guys next week for another motoki monday its back baby