french candy shop

hi I’m Brooke Hannah and this is sweater weather
work what two friends
asian i’m in your by a friend in trying to get your guys address
okay so she bought her
how are you yo la sculpture room
I’m just like gonna have a merge yeah little smirk candy and perfect different
players actually good and he has a different place like the roster
yeah different one else
what is so did you get that vibe like out of 5
please get up with a three no I don’t know how much for that I like them but
they’re no sour cherry blossom is easy
ok on to the next candy
it’s like a trifecta of these French candies and so these are the ten grand
and this one is that summer intern
nothing french but bear everything go up like down people
it’s better than good yeah I know
out of bounds look the bear
gross orange look okay
this difficult
one yeah
is it really that bad I’m scared
it is nasty oh good just like not good at all
I doing this
so those who have barely got your time and I guess like it too
or maybe like 15 I don’t think there’s so many good can use and Michael not one
of them
ya know ok
what we have next is a bullshit all so these sacred
it’s like these little yoga this like two different colors
ok and i will have the yellow dots on Bob like long top
it’s been straight but like it’s not bad I have not
that’s really sweet no it’s the lying not solved it isn’t more into that size
boring the woman I just like a fat project going to look
yeah it tastes a little like a little drunk schools like the dollar store ones
sugar important part in it
oh my god
okay well I’m gonna say this one more it’s finishing her or our seats on
I guess so these ones are you let and it’s like the same company but it’s like
so I’m kind of interested to see what it tastes like cause I doesn’t taste like
flower but i’m just guessing is going to use like granny is looking so yeah right
I was overly where it’s like for a few but literally just like perfume a double
I feel like eating review might think so
oh my god I’ve never gave me this weird like it fully to let you know when
you’re standing so Martin one spring if you’re going into about it’s not going
to be a nice person to get old lady Butler’s XO
I think some of this out like I don’t want to die
oh my god guys we don’t buy this is it fully to myself
ok so i have was everything at the pool when I’m scared probably not
look at one more indication that the laundry and so that’s okay i have this
last time for hand for me
yeah 3 doesn’t make it into it ok so it’s just I think it’s like a lollipop
stick our lives on it so it’s like Coca Cola flavor is just blew all on the
oh my god oh yeah it tastes like a calf injury 3.7 i still have the taste
I’ve got like laundry detergent soap candy and then huh
then we go like not with terrible like I wish that you could try to remember like
I wish you could try so you could see how about it’s like we’re not my guys to
really taste like so I actually want to like carry that around with me so i can
get to my thumb yeah
no not be like oh my god it’s like this awesome kid and I can try it feel like a
person like definitely means you like here have a candy
ok it’s probably probably the whats in my mouth challenge could like go to some
kind of edible right and will think that you’re gonna be like so presenting you
with it
don’t go too much
ok so that was our french kande tasting video we hope you enjoyed and we hope
that you do or do not buy and you will see you and I’m not sweet
do uh yeah we might do you like a beauty video or you never know maybe I why
so yeah subscribe and like this video just got underneath
subscribe and like this video and we’ll see you soon
I have eating it patty

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